• 4 Tips For Reducing Your Home Heating Fuel Costs This Winter

    The frigid winter months are right around the corner, and if you rely on oil to keep your home warm you may be worried about the heating costs associated with keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. It is no secret that home heating fuel can be quite costly, but there are several ways to stretch your dollar and ensure that you and your family stay warm during the coldest months.
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  • Is An Extended Warranty For Your Used Car A Good Idea?

    There are many considerations to be made when you buy an used car. One is whether or not you really need an extended warranty. To help you determine whether the extended warranty is ideal for you, here are the pros and cons. Advantages One of the biggest advantages of having an extended warranty for your car is that it gives you peace of mind. The warranty can help with paying the costs of unforeseen repairs that otherwise would have hit your wallet hard.
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  • Lifting Your Truck? What You Should Know About Drive Shaft Dynamics

    If you've decided to lift your truck for the first time, sorting out the different kit options and components can be dizzying. One of the things that many first-time lift buyers overlook is upgrading or lengthening the rear drive shaft that connects the transfer case to the rear axle. A drive shaft that's too short will connect at a sharp angle. This can cause your newly lifted truck to handle poorly.
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