4 Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Windshield After Winter Is Over

Posted on: 21 November 2014

Your windshield can take a beating throughout the winter due to the snow, ice, and rain that may be slammed against it all season long. Even if your windshield seems to be in good shape once the weather begins to warm up again, it's important that you take some time to look over the condition it's in before driving any long distances.

The four tips below can help you take the best care of your windshield, while reducing the risk of an accident or serious problems related to it.

1. Inspect for Any Damage to Your Windshield

De-icing your windshield in the wrong manner or driving over roads with lots of gravel or branches could lead to your windshield getting banged up and needing repairs. Some things to look for when inspecting your windshield include cracks and chips. Depending on the size of this kind of damage, you could get it repaired fairly inexpensively.

Taking your car to a repair shop can help you get an idea of the costs involved for repairing any damages that occurred during the winter.

2. Replace the Wipers Entirely

Windshield wipers are an affordable part of your car that should be replaced on annual basis so that your windshield can be taken care of as best as possible. When your wipers become worn or damaged, it can be close to impossible to wipe away debris from your car. Luckily, replacing them takes only minutes and is an affordable part of maintenance.

3. Refill the Windshield Cleaning Fluid

Attempting to clean your windshield while on the go and discovering that you're out of fluid can be frustrating, and downright dangerous depending on how urgently you need the windshield to be cleaned. When taking care of your windshield, you'll want to check the fluids and refill it to the top before setting off on the road.

4. Use a Treatment for a Sparkling Finish

While a car wash can help restore your car to show off during the spring, it may not be the best way to get your windshield crystal-clear. Buying a cleaning solution specifically for windshields can help give it the sparkly finish you want without causing any damage.

As you look into taking care of your windshield, you'll likely come across a number of different cleaning solutions and recommendations to visit a repair shop. The tips above will help you get your windshield ready for spring and help you make the decision of whether or not to visit a local auto repair shop. 

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