Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning Needs A Tuneup

Posted on: 29 December 2016

The last thing you want to happen while you are driving on a hot sunny day is your air conditioner failing on you. Whether it's just barely spitting out tepid air or you hear loud noises coming from your fan, a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can make for a miserable experience when the weather is warm. It's important that you are able to recognize signs of a faulty cooling system in your car so you can have repairs done as soon as possible. Here are signs your air conditioner needs assistance.

Lack of cool air

If your air conditioner turns on and blows out air, you may not notice a problem for a while. It's when your air quality goes from cool to lukewarm that you may begin to wonder what's wrong. As your cooling sections begin to fail, you may notice your air conditioner alternately be cool enough for comfort to not even changing your car's interior temperature. This gets worse over time until your unit quits producing cold air at all. Your coolant will need to be inspected to make sure it's working, which can be done quickly by an ac repair technician.

Poor air output

A clogged fan or failing motor will most likely be responsible for weak or non-existent air output. What used to be blasting cool may now only be a trickle of air that you can hardly feel even if it is cool. Poor air flow or no air flow at all needs to be inspected right away to make sure the motor to your fan is operating safely. Avoid using your air conditioner if the air output is weak when turned on, especially if you can smell something burning or heating up as you do so.

Strange sounds

The only noise you should hear from your car's air conditioner is a gently fan turning within the unit. The sound should be quiet enough to talk or listen to music on low over. If the noise is whining or accompanied by a banging sound, then you may have components coming loose within the unit. Have a technician take your dash apart to try to locate just why your air conditioner is rattling or making other irritating sounds. The solution can be as simple as removing a coin from your vents or as complex as needing to replace parts in the motor. The sooner you have your unit checked out, the better. Contact a shop that offers auto air conditioning repairs to learn more.