3 Awesome Ways To Own A Semi-Truck As Soon As Possible

Posted on: 10 November 2016

Many people look at semi-trucks and view them as something that they can never own. Perhaps you are a driver in the industry who has always viewed ownership as something that is impossible. Some drivers come to these conclusions as a result of working for trucking companies that discourage the trend, which may happen when trucking companies fear competition. There are also individuals who have truck driving experience but fear that other obstacles such as their credit score may prevent them from ever owning their own semi-trucks and becoming an independent operator. The following are a few things that can help you to better understand how to make owning your own semi-truck a reality.

Consider buying a used semi-truck

Many people who want to buy their first semi-truck focus their sights on new trucks. There are used semi-trucks for sale that might be a better fit for individuals who are starting a new company or aiming to secure a route. Some of these trucks may have warranties on them, and the price tag on them is often budget-friendly. It is also likely that you can secure financing for a used semi-truck easier than you could a new truck. This is an important point to consider if you are thinking that credit or financing issues are hurdles that are keeping you from getting your "dream on the road" now. Some semi-truck sales lots offer in-house financing, which can also be helpful.

Consider focusing on the bare necessities for your first semi-truck

You likely envision your first truck being fully loaded. If you can go without all the "bells and whistles" on your initial truck investment, you may be able to buy your first truck sooner and at a more affordable cost. Some of the perks that drivers favor in trucks are things that make the experience of driving long distances more comfortable. This means that if your intentions are to do local or short distance routes, you may not even need the additional features. 

Partner up with another truck driver who shares your passion for independence

Since capital is one of the main setbacks truck drivers refer to as their reason for not seeking independence, you might be able to catapult your dream by finding a partner. Perhaps you can combine your resources and venture into a new business together. This is something that you could pursue as a long-term arrangement, but you might also want to do it until you both have enough capital to work independently of each other.

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