Protecting The Transmission Inside Your Used Car

Posted on: 18 December 2016

As someone who owns and drives a used car, you know how important it is to keep up with maintenance tasks on your car because all of the components aren't new. The transmission in any vehicle is essential to good operation, and in a used car, if you're not sure how old the transmission is, you need to take every step possible to keep it working. Use these easy tips to protect the transmission in your used car.

Recognize Minor Problems When They Occur

One way to remain vigilant about protecting the transmission is to be someone who can notice signs of trouble before they become severe. Leaking fluid is often mentioned as an indication that there's a problem, but there are other things you should be looking out for with regards to your transmission: You should also pay close attention to things like:

  • Strange clunking or grinding noises from underneath the car hood
  • Gray smoke instead of white from either the tailpipe or car hood
  • Noticeable problems when going from one shift to another
  • Illuminated engine light

Problems like those above can be repaired by your local repair shop; if you ignore them too long, however, you run the risk of ruining your entire transmission. Paying attention to and taking action whenever you see a problem, no matter how small, can protect your transmission and your pocketbook.

Allow Car to Warm in Cold Temperatures

Have you ever placed honey in your home's refrigerator? If so, you already know that when you try to squeeze some out of the container it moves very slowly, if at all. However, after letting it warm up a bit, it will flow easily. That's the way many of the fluids in your car are. Remember that transmission fluid should be flowing throughout the entire apparatus when your car is fired up; the fluid ensures that the system doesn't overheat and can function smoothly. For that reason, it is vital that when it's cold out, you give it a few moments to warm up by starting the engine of your used car and letting it run for a short while. That way, the fluid can become warm and protect the transmission when you drive.

With this guidance, you should be able to protect the transmission inside your used car. Take the vehicle to an auto repair shop for checkups and repairs or check out the site that will keep everything working.